AKB Kanko Taishi ep 44

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AKB Kanko Taishi (AKB観光大使) is an AKB48 variety show, which is monthly airing on FujiTV ONE from 22JST to 23JST. The show started to be broadcasted on May 23, 2013. Once a month, two members are chosen from the 48 Group to go to a city as publicity representatives, as per the show’s tagline “The idols you can go and meet are coming to your city to meet you!”. A city makes an offer to host members, and the chosen members spend a day visiting that city’s landmarks and tourist attractions. The members are pointed towards the designated places by way of riddles written on scrolls of paper. Often, the members end up asking the locals for help in deciphering the riddles, which are usually abstract descriptions or fairly obscure references to historical events.At the end of the show, if the two members have successfully completed their PR circuit, they are treated to a few minutes of “self-appeal” time.

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